About Us

Harvest Kratom
Located in beautiful Tampa, Florida

Our History

Harvest Kratom is not your average Kratom company. You can do a simple google search and find hundreds of “Companies” with a team of inexperienced individuals selling bags of Kratom powder out of their garage. This could not be further than Harvest Kratom’s reality. We have put together a team of highly experienced individuals in the Kratom industry. We manufacture and package our products in an AKA audited, fully approved, cGMP facility.

Harvest Kratom is here because the kratom industry has put itself in danger with these so called “companies” that do not care about their customer’s safety, nor the quality of the product leaving their doors. We are breaking into the industry to do things the right way. We want to help set an example of how Kratom should be manufactured and distributed. From 3rd party lab testing every single ounce of product that enters our facility for heavy metals and contaminants, to triple-sifting our already ground and sifted powder to ensure there are no fillers or impurities coming from the farmer.

We formed this team and company to deliver a safe, high quality, premium Kratom product, for a fraction of what the big companies are selling it for. We have our customer’s best interests in mind with every decision we make. We look forward to becoming your new GO TO vendor for consistently excellent Kratom products!

Product Safety
cGMP Approved Facilities

Contact Us

JF Ventures LLC
5804 Boyette Rd Unit 7191
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
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