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Kratom Extract Infused Gummies!

We all know that the flavor of Kratom leaves much to be desired. Our 65% Extract Infused gummies break through the taste barrier to make enjoying Kratom’s amazing health benefits more enjoyable for everyone! Each 3.5 gram gummy is jam packed with 15mg of Mitragynine making these gummies pack a botanitcal punch that can be felt for hours!

Our gummies come in 6 amazing flavors: Cherry Lime, Peach, Tropical, Raspberry, Orange, & Fruit Mix!

Kratom Extract Shots!

Harvest Kratom’s Extract Shots are here to provide fast & powerful Kratom effects for people On-The-Go. Our shots come in two powerful formulations both jam packs with the alkoloids required to provide the most impactful health benefits! We offer a 60mg Mitragynine and a 120mg Mitragynine which boith come in two increaible flavors; Sour Cherry and Blueberry!

Kratom Extract Shot Display Cases

We also offer our Premium Kratom Extract Shots in 18 count Tear and Display cases perfect for showcasiung in smoke shops, gas stations, health and wellness stores, or any business that sells Kratom for it’s increadible natural health benefits. These cases are available is each flavor and formulations!

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$60 Dollar Kilos! Bargain prices, without sacrificing quality! 10 different strains, retail-ready packaging!

Discover Premium Quality Kratom

Our Kratom leaves are sourced from the same family-run farm in Indonesia every time. This allows for a consistent product with every order, along with an undeniable freshness you can smell from the moment you open the seal of our bags.

Our Kratom Leaves are always dried indoors to avoid any damage from the sun or other outdoor elements. This gives all of our powders and more green colour spectrum. Other companies with a red or brown powder dry their leaves outdoors allowing the sun to dry the leaves. The problem with this is the sun destroys the active alkaloids in the Kratom Leaf, this is completely avoided with indoor drying processes.

Chose the Blend that is right for you!

Each vein color has a different intended purpose, use these descriptions as a guide for what you are looking for!

American Kratom Association cGMP Approved Kratom Vendor

American Kratom Association GMP Approved Vendor!

Harvest Kratom is dedicated to proving that we do things correctly. We have been audited by the AKA and received Good Manufacturing Practice approval. We will continue to work with the AKA to ensure the safety and longevity of Kratom products in preserved.

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